Size Guide Myspanishsoul


What size to choose?

This size guide has set itself the firm purpose of clarifying each and every one of the doubts you have when choosing the shoe size for your baby or child. If after reading it carefully you still don’t see it clearly, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will attend you as soon as possible.

At MYSPANISHSOUL we have children’s footwear from size 17 to 24. In addition, we will soon extend to size 26 in almost all our models. Although in the tables that you find next we orientate with an interval of age for each number of footwear. Ideally, you should measure the sole of your baby’s foot, so that you know exactly, and without mistakes, which size you should choose.

How to measure a baby’s foot?

It’s easier than you think. In the case of a baby who is not yet standing up, you should have a tape measure to measure the sole of the foot, stretching the tape from the heel to the big toe. If your Mini already stands up without difficulty, let it bring its heel closer to the wall while standing on a blank sheet of paper. Using a pen or pencil perpendicular to the ground, mark the longest point on the foot. Usually his big toes. (You can see it reflected in the graph that we facilitated to you).

Once this is done, all you have to do is repeat it for the other foot and measure the distance from the heel to the mark you have made on the sheet.

Our advice:

A baby’s foot grows, in general terms, between 1 mm and 1.5 mm per month. Ideally, shoes can be worn throughout the season (approximately 6 months). During this time the foot of your Mini will grow an average of 6 – 9 mm. We recommend adding 6 mm to the size of the sole of your baby’s foot. In the case of being between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the largest.


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