Do you have something to tell? We’d love to hear from you.


During these almost three years, many of you have been part of this small family. Thus contributing your grain of sand.


Aloña has been one of the last. A mother and blog follower who had the generosity to share her experience living in Germany and being a mother of twins. One of them with Trisonomy 21. Also called Down Syndrome.


Fabiola, told us a few months ago the obstacles she was overcoming to finally graduate as a doctor in Germany. It also reveals the ins and outs of the German Health System from the inside.


Our dear blogger Alba, from Düsseldorf. She tells us about her experience of emigration in Germany. Talking about the depression she suffered at the beginning of living in Germany and how she overcame it.


Are you a professional in Germany, and would you like to support this blog anyhow? Has something unusual happened to you living in Germany, and would you like to share it with everyone who might find themselves in the same situation in the future? 


Thanks in advance!





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